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"I have come that you may have life and have it to the fullest."

John 10:10b

Let's be honest, the last two years have been rough! We are all seeking normalcy and healing from the intense difficulties. So this May, we want to invite you to come "Alive!" with us for a time of unity, prayer and encouragement. Our mission is to provide women, ages 15+, in the Syracuse area with the opportunity to reconnect, dive deeper into Scripture and live life to the fullest!

Friday, May 20th @ 6:30PM & Saturday, May 21st @ 9AM—3PM

Cost: $25 (full weekend)  |  Friday only: $10  |  Saturday only: $15

Lunch and light refreshments provided.

Free childcare provided on Saturday only. Space is limited and registration for each child is required.

To qualify for free admission or to sponsor a sister, please proceed to registration below.

Registration closed on May 14th

Guest Speakers:

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Jayme Miller


Church Planter & Kingdom Builder

Jayme, and her husband, Bill, have been in ministry for over 35 years. They have partnered together in church planting, leading mission trips, pioneering a city-wide pro-life ministry in Columbus, Ohio, and teaching at worship conferences in the U.S. and South America. Her testimonies of the grace and mercy of God have been used by Him to deliver His people from bondage and the lies of the enemy. She is passionate about helping believers walk in intimacy with the Holy Spirit and having supernatural experiences in their daily lives. 

jordan beasley love.jpg

Jordan (Beasley) Love


Singer & Songwriter

Jordan (Beasley) Love is a speaker, singer-songwriter, and worship leader living in Nashville, TN, with her husband and children. She released her first album in 2012, and in 2016 released a compilation of original songs in an acoustic album. She is currently leading worship at Jesus Is The Answer Church, proclaiming the goodness of God, and sharing the encouraging, uncompromising message of the Gospel. 

lauren mcquillan.jpg

Lauren McQuillan

Proven Wives

"Hey. I’m Lauren. I am a Northerner living in the South, the oldest of 10, a wife of 15 years, mom of 3 and a dog, owner of an event planning company, and a background in ministry and hospitality that means I have never in my life worked 9-5 at a desk. I would die. I am an enneagram 3 with a strong set of wings - I want to help everyone and I want it to be beautiful. Jesus has me in a holding pattern right now and I am THE MOST uncomfortable.  But just the other day someone asked me for a headshot and a bio to speak at a conference. Only Jesus. So I am here. With a logo and a headshot and a rumbling in my soul to get loud about how good Jesus is and how that doesn’t change when things get really hard. Because this is hard and we need each other so that is also beautiful. I want to seek you - the real you - out to join the conversation about communion and community."

sarah hallock_edited.jpg

Sarah Hallock

Campus Crusade

Sarah is a special needs mom living in New York City and working in ministry with artists. She enjoys being outdoors, DIY home projects and deep researching whatever currently has her attention (from fashion and interior design, to how the body works and cleaning techniques). She also is passionate about her neighborhood "Buy Nothing" group.

shanay bradley.jpg

Shanay Bradley

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

As the FCA area representative in the Syracuse metro area, Shanay desires to step out and help build up a strong empire for God's Kingdom. "I am a Bronx, NY, native looking to use my experience as a previous athlete and college coach to help bridge the gap between God and athletics with intentionality. I want to see people free through Christ and share how God has transformed my life from a lost child, which led to atheism, to a strong woman in faith." Her hope is to provide truth to people so that won't be misguided by what the world thinks. Shanay is motivated to help provide opportunities and support for those who are lost as she lives out Proverbs 11:14 — Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory. In addition to entertaining and cooking for friends and family at home, she enjoys photography, reading, biking, walking and traveling.

patty warram.jpg

Patty Wharram

Women's Ministry Leader

"I'm a Christian, am very happily married (46 years!), and am a very thankful Grandmother of 5 ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL granddaughters!"



Parenting with JOY

Jordan (Beasley) Love

Jordan shares her experience and wisdom about what it looks like to parent with the Holy Spirit, and how to find the joy in leading little hearts and minds to the heart of God. 

When Marriage Hurts

Lauren McQuillan

If you've been married for very long you understand that it's not all butterflies and rainbows. It's gritty work that looks little like a fairytale. Sometimes love looks like a cross, so how do we carry it when it does? Let's talk about walking like Jesus in one of the most challenging but fulfilling relationships we experience in order to bring heaven to earth.  


The Truth in You

Shanay Bradley

When was the last time you sat down to self-reflect? When was the last time you connected with yourself - not to respond or prove yourself to someone - but to just love yourself? Come, self-reflect in a group - not to share - but to be aware of The Truth in You.

Breaking Parenting Strongholds

Sarah Hallock

Parenting is hard. At times I've felt stuck, alone and struggled with comparison. This breakout session will address these strongholds and ways we can face them together.

Amazing Grace for a Woman's Heart

Patty Wharram

This session will help us to see that we can live above our circumstances by the power of His grace and will answer the questions, "But is there enough grace for me?"


Petra James

Persecuted Church Ministry

Saturday Workshops:



The passion of our women's ministry is to help women grow and mature in Jesus Christ into righteous women by the learning and application of God's word through teaching, worship, fellowship and activities.


Women of all ages are welcome to join us weeknights at Redeemer for Bible study and prayer.  Sessions take place throughout the year, generally Monday and/or Thursday nights at 6:30 PM, and when in session, are noted on our church calendar.



Periodically, our women’s ministry hosts a ladies worship and fellowship night, often featuring guest speakers or guest worship leaders and a fun and engaging theme.  All are welcome.  Events, when in session, are noted on our church calendar.