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Pastor Bill Miller
Jayme Miller

Bill grew up in Athens, Ohio. His father was a professor at Ohio University and his mother was a counselor. He went to college at Ohio State majoring in Business and Computer Science. There he met Jayme, working on her Masters Degree in Dance, and they married. While living in Columbus, they had their first two children: James and Jordan.


Bill and Jayme were very involved with their church in Columbus; Bill leading worship and Jayme starting a liturgical dance school. They did multiple mission trips to Central and South America. They also started a pro-life counseling ministry. Bill was an elder at his church and the treasurer for the church’s Christian school. Mentored by his pastor, Williard Jarvis, Bill and Jayme led small group fellowship and trained small group leaders. He also taught some computer classes at Ohio State.


In 1989 they moved to Miami, Florida to help a friend start a church to reach Hispanics. After the church was up and running, they started another church themselves. They pastored that church for 13 years and had two more children: Jizelle and Jaylan. Bill taught some computer classes at Florida International University, worked a “day job” in the computer field, and planted the church.


In 1999, as the church was growing, Bill enrolled in the Masters program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Taking one or two classes at a time, he received his Master of Arts in Religion degree in 2008. In 2011, they returned to Ohio and pastored an Evangelical Covenant Church. Five years later, in 2017, they came to Redeemer. Bill brings experience in preaching, teaching, youth ministry, children’s ministry, worship, and leadership to help steer Redeemer into the next chapter of the church’s destiny.

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